26.08.04 - 10:28

I have an Otocyon!! And a Vulpes chama! That is a bat-eared fox and a cape fox. The Otocyon skull is missing a few teeth and has some cracks. But it�s a start. The V. chama is a damn good specimen. So now I have 24 canid skulls. I�ve gotten a few good books lately, too. Some are new, some used. But good books nonetheless.

Wolves and Wild Dogs, Norman Barrett, Hardcover, 1991

Wolves, Wild Dogs and Foxes, Theresa Greenaway, Walter Kossmann (Editor), Hardcover, January 2001

Spirit of the Wild Dog: The World of Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, Jackals and Dingoes, Lesley J. Rogers, Gisela Kaplan, Format: Paperback

Dogs of the Wild: An Educational Coloring Book, Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, Spizzirri Press, Incorporated, Author: Spizzirri, Linda

A Review of the Family Canidae, With a Classification By Numerical Methods. by Clutton-Brock, J. Et Al.

Binding: Octavo, wrappers, Publisher: British Museum (Natural History), London: Date Published: 1976. Description: 117-199 pp. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History), Volume 29, No. 3.

THE CANINE CLAN A New Look at Man's Best Friend, by JOHN C MCLOUGHLIN, Exlib. cpyrt 1983, publ Viking Press. Brown hardboards are covered by a mylar coated DJ, oversized, 162 pages

Ethiopian Wolf, Fred H. Harrington, F. H. Harrington, Hardcover - 1ST, January 2003

Scientific Illustration, Zbigniew T. Jastrzebski, Paperback, 1985

So I have plenty of research materials. All I�m lacking is the time to work on them. I have a lot of reading and drawing to do. I sent a coffee cup and a journal that I had made at Cafepress to my friend Lee. He seemed tickled with them. But my older drawings are on those. As soon as I get new drawings done, I am going to replace the old ones on the items I have for sale. A couple of my friends would like to see T-shirts with my bone drawings on them.

I have to seriously update my site. I need to get those pics taken of my specimens. I need to update the species list, too. There are 34 species in Canidae, 36 if you count the dingo and the singing dog from New Guinea. But those are variations on Canis familiaris, so I wouldn�t consider them independent species. More like subspecies. So I say 34.

My friend says he�s going to come by on Friday with a partial dog skeleton he picked up. He says that there is a vertebra that one of the ribs fused to on one side and partially fused on the other. I�ll have to see it. He also says he has a Chihuahua skeleton for me, but he hasn�t finished cleaning it yet. I hope he remembers to bring the rest of my raccoon. I need to get back to work on that guy. Lots of restoration needs to be done on his little bones before I can articulate.

That�s it.

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